Evaluate and revise

Monitoring and reviewing your Peer Workforce Plan is an ongoing activity. The information that you have gathered as you have stepped through this toolkit will be able to be used as baseline information from which you can monitor and evaluate how your peer workforce is developing.


Continuous feedback processes serve as good ways to monitor the success of your peer workforce implementation. It is important to make feedback processes available to all of your workforce; peer and non-peer workers. A good way to do this is to conduct regular employee surveys and also be making available an online mechanism for feedback such as a compliments and complaints email or via an online messaging facility.


The information that you have captured in you Peer Workforce Plan will be sufficiently comprehensive to serve as baseline data from which you can evaluate your Peer Workforce Plan’s progress. Your baseline data will provide a platform against which you can evaluate the progress of your Peer Workforce Plan. A number of evaluation tools have been developed that you could use to respond effectively to changes as you continue to monitor and evaluation your Peer Workforce Plan.

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