We all want to live a happy, healthy life. In some way, we all strive for a happier life. Your success in all spheres of your life depends on happiness. Happy people have good mental and physical health. Happiness is not only good for you, but it can also do many good things in your life.

Many of us feel unhappy, despite all our best intentions and efforts. Let’s look at unhelpful behaviors that can lead to unhappiness and offer suggestions on how we can make it happier.


“My colleague doesn’t always respond promptly. They are so annoying !”

You might complain about something if you’re unhappy with it. This behavior can lead to a lot of frustration. According to research, complaining about something can make you feel powerless.

Take a deep breath and take a step back when things get tough. Instead of complaining or cribbing about the situation, you can channel your attention to the issue or solve it.

“Maybe we can have a conversation about how difficult it is for me to work, especially if they don’t respond quickly. I can also ask them questions about their challenges. It is hard for many .” to work from home.

Unrealistic Needs

“My evaluation was not positive. This is unfair. I deserve better !”

You could feel unhappy if you believe that you don’t have enough. You will likely feel unfairly treated, leading to anger, agitation, and frustration.

The takeaway is to realize and accept that you can’t control everything that happens. You can make the most of every situation by looking at it from a different perspective. It is possible to spend time identifying negative thought patterns that may be causing unrealistic expectations and then work on these to make you happier.

“My evaluation was not very positive. Although I expected better results it is possible that my supervisors had valid reasons. Perhaps I can get detailed feedback. I will try harder and perform better the next .”


“I bought a used phone with my own money. But my friend bought an iPhone. Everyone has it much easier than me. 

Happiness may depend on how we view ourselves and compare our lives to others. You may find yourself comparing your achievements with others. You will be happier if you believe you are doing better than others. However, if you think others are more fortunate than you, it can lead to unhappiness. Happiness is subjective and can mean different things to different people. It is natural to compare yourself to others. However, it can be unhealthy.

The takeaway: Try looking at yourself and your achievements in isolation. Remember your surroundings and that you are responsible for your life and journey. Avoid using the word ‘ but’ when you talk or think about the positive things in your life. Instead, use the term “and”.

I just bought a used phone, and I’m so proud of myself that I was able to buy it with my salary.

Holding grudges

“My partner made some very mean comments to me during a fight. Although they’re apologizing now, I will always be angry at them. They !”

Forgiving someone is a way to help yourself and the other person. Grudges can drain your energy and focus, making it difficult to be more positive and helpful. Forgiving someone’s mistakes and letting them go can be very empowering. It helps you to have more positive thoughts and feelings.

Our message to you is to Forgive. Forgiveness is not about pride or ego. You can forgive yourself. It’s something you can do for yourself.

“When someone is angry, they will often say harsh words that they may not mean.” I forgive my partner because they truly are sorry. But I will tell them that I hurt them and ask them to stop doing it again in the future.